Web radio player

Let your listeners listen to your station, by adding a web radio player onto your website. This player comes with features to make your life easy.

Reach more listeners with your personalised web radio player.

HTML5 ready

No need for a Flash based web player. With HTML5, this player will be future proof!

Responsive player

This player will automatically fit your listener’s screens, either on a wide desktop or a mobile phone.

Secure stream

Your stream will use https automatically. Perfect to keep your website https compliant.

Compatible most stream servers

It includes streams Radionomy, Icecast and Shoutcast and many more. Compatible MP3 and/or AAC streams.


Pick the color and design of your web player to fit into your website.

Easy to embed

Copy/paste a few lines of HTML code that we will provide you

Our web radio player features

Choose from our list of tried and tested features.

Title and covers automatically displayed

No need to waste time looking for managing your current track. Our scripts will automatically fetch the track playing from your stream server. With it, we will find the appropriate cover image from reliable sources such as iTunes, LastFM and Google images. If the image can’t be found, no worries: you can upload yours.

Voting system

Let your listeners vote for their favourite songs or shows. Check how their favourite rank by year, month, week or day.

Trust us to grow your radio

7 years of experience

Place your trust in the hands of a seasoned expert.

Raise you to success

Rain or shine, our support team is here 24/7, through email or chat.

Easy configuration

Interactive, IT skills not needed and no limit as to what you can achieve.

Get your web radio player

All it takes is 5 minutes

  • Compatible with any server and web browser
  • Track and album fetched automatically
  • Voting system for your listeners
  • No coding & app-developing skills needed