Mobile phones are now in the pocket of your listeners, looking to listen to your radio the most pleasant and simple way. For this reason, having your mobile application is necessary as big radios such as BBC, Magic Radio understood. Why? Here 4 reasons to convince you!

1- A mobile phone is always with your listeners

In the past, listeners could listen to your radio only at specific location or time of the day. Your radio could wake up a listener with its compatible alarm. While driving, the radio player allowed a more pleasant time. A gym could play the radio in the background to set a better mood.

The arrival of smartphones helped remove the limit of location and time. It gave control to your listener. Whenever they are, whatever they are doing, if your listeners wish to listen to your radio, they can because their phone is always with them, in their pocket.

A mobile phone close to its user means that your radio will stay close to your listeners. They will be able to listen to you when they exercise, when they work at the office, when they are cleaning.

Mobile phones are so common that it provide to your radio millions of potential listeners. Whether they are at home or outside, their first reflex is to take their phone with them because it does everything. In addition to provide phone call, you can browse on your phone, watch a movie or listen to your radio.

Phone in pocket

2- A mobile application offer a better experience

While websites are accessible with phones, they can not do everything that an app do. From the icons launchpad, a simple touch of your radio app will launch it, while a website need many burdensome steps: open the web browser, write down the website url then wait for it to load. At each of these steps, a potential listener can give up.

To offer the best experience on your listeners’ mobile phone, your radio app must take advantage of all the features the device provides. For this, nothing easier that a mobile application. It will be completely personalised and will put your radio brand on the spot. The mobile application will display your logo, your content and features which are important to your radio. A radio about metal will choose a darker design while a radio about kizomba will be more colorful. It is your radio application, and you personalise it as you wish. You prefer interacting with your listeners? Why not provide them a button to call you or send you a text message? You have videos on Youtube? Displays them directly in your mobile application.

Another important feature of mobile applications is to provide push notifications. It allows your radio to send a message to your listeners. It is useful to inform them that one of your show is going to start, or that a contest to win a prize has just been launched. This message will be readable without that the listener has the application opened. If he installed the application on his phone and accepted to receive these push notifications, this message will appear. If the listener see the message and is interested, he will more open to open the application again to listen to your radio. As a result, an application brings back listeners to listen to your radio, in an easy way.

To have a continuous listening, a mobile application will allow your listener to listen to your radio, even if the listener quitted or put his phone in his pocket. It can also inform him which song or show is currently playing, even if the screen is locked.

Phone app Appsidious

3- Your mobile application make you visible

A listener looking to listen to your radio on mobile will, first of all, search for it on the app stores (Apple Store or Google Play). If he can not find it, he could then be suggested other mobile applications of radios of the same subject, and be convinced to install them and to listen to them, instead of you. If your jazz radio is not visible on mobile, it is leaving the door open to other jazz radio to get a new listener.

You can also have advertisement on the Apple Store and Google Play so that your mobile application is suggested when another radio is searched. This is perfect to redirect listeners from the competition to you.

Your radio is in competition with thousands others for listeners. These ones are now used to install applications and will think more and more than a radio without an app is not modern and flexible. Listeners look more and more for easy to use and availability on their phones.

Reviews from your current listeners are visible and will convince potentiel ones to try your radio.

Phone listening
Phone listening

4- Your mobile application is better than a a radio directory app

A lot of radios choose to be present on mobile only through radio directory apps such as TuneIn. Despite being free, ignoring to have your own mobile application could be detrimental to your radio.

First of all, this kind of application contain millions of radios. To be only in these apps means being invisible in it and having to fight against many other radios for the listener’s attention. These applications also offer limited features. It is generally adding the name, the logo, some minimal informations about your radio and just the ability to read or stop the radio stream. That’s it.

For a listener, having to download a different application to listen to his radio is not intuitive. It damages the radio brand.

If you wish to have your own mobile application, knows that Appsidious will help your configure it easily. No need to have coding knowledge or to have its own developers. We will take care of everything. Finally, instead of paying many thousand of euros for your application, we offer a simple subscription of 57 dollars by month, no contract.

By creating your radio on our website, you will be able to enjoy 14-day free trial so you can test your mobile application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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