With your own mobile application for your radio, you have the ability to send push notifications to your listeners, directly to their devices. This feature is very practical to keep your listeners up-to-date on your radio business, without them having your application opened. It is also perfect to bring them back to listening to you. In addition to send a push notification immediately, you can now schedule them!

Sending your push notification immediately is perfect to send impulsive message. But you need to be available to set it up and send it. With scheduled push message, no need for that. You could take your saturday to plan them for the week.

How to send a schedule push message?

At Appsidious, we made it easy to prepare your schedule push notification. Go to your dashboard, in the page Push messages.

List of your push messages

On this page, you will see your past message sent, and one buttonSend new push message“. Click on it to open a popup.

Push message in the pop-up configuration

On this popup, a new field appear asking you “When to send?“. You will have two choices: either to send the push message now, or to schedule it to be sent at a later time. If you choose the later, select the date and time, and finally click the send button.

Schedule push message in the pop-up configuration

The popup will close and the list of previous push message will have the new scheduled one on top of the list, with its message and when it will be sent.

New scheduled push message added to the list

If you wish, you are able to edit or delete a schedule push message before it is send. Just click on the respective buttons to do so.

That’s it, everything else will be taken care for you.

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