The 21st century will be one of technological and digital revolution. As of now, everybody has a smartphone and information can be accessed in a few seconds, all the time. It has never been as easier to reach and interact with an audience.

“ Traditional ” medias like radios can not ignore this phenomenon. On the opposite, it is important to take the digital turn to have a second wind.

This is exactly the ambition of Appsidious: help the radios to broadcast and to be heard easily with the creation of a personalised application.

Why broadcast your radio in a mobile app ?

Today, digital immediacy helps many media to be close to their listeners and even more present in every day life. Why would not it be the same for your radio? What if you would take the moving digital train too? Therefore, broadcasting your radio in an app will let it:

  • Grow your reputation, visibility and audience
  • Be accessible in a few seconds for your listeners
  • Attract and gather a new audience
  • Enjoy the visibility online app stores bring (Playstore and Appstore)

How to broadcast your radio in an app?

At Appsidious, we are convinced simplicity is best. This is why we offer you a technology which mixes performance and practicality. In a few clicks, we give life to your own radio app with our online configurator.

You just need to add important information and data for your radio (logo, social networks and stream radios) and your application will take form under your eyes. Rest assured that you do not need to have developing skills. Our team will take care of it.

Appsidious, an appreciated expertise on many continents

Many radios already put their trust in Appsidious. From North America to Europe, we accompany and support the development of many radios.

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